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Termites are a serious problem when it comes to structural damage, especially given that they are attracted to humid environments, something that California has plenty of. They live and find nourishment in cellulose (which is found in wood), and can be a serious issue for houses that are primarily made of wood. Termite damage costs US homeowners around five billion dollars each year. Think about the amount of damage they can do if they’re allowed free reign in your home and how much it will cost to repair. If you’re having problems keeping pests under control in your home, contact the professionals. We’ll be happy to help you solve your pest problems.

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Years of providing stinging insect control in Daly City, CA has resulted in our powerful Power Treatment that gets the job done in just one visit. You can’t ask for faster results than that! When you trust us, you can also expect the best.

Some of our great services include:

– Cockroach Pest Control
– Bed Bug Control
– Termite Control
– Mosquito Control
– Wood Borer & Rodent
– Wildlife Invaders
– Tick Spraying
– General Insects

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Best of all, our highly trained technicians are our most valuable resource to deliver excellent service to our customers. We become completely familiar with our customers’ environment and specific requirements and cultivate lasting business relationships built on our strengths and values.

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